Competition German School

About the project

NATIONAL COMPETITION FOR THE RE-ORDINATION OF THE BUILDINGS OF THE GERMAN SCHOOL IN OJÉN (Málaga). The proposal presented in this contest frees all those obstacles that are found in the plot, eliminating the interior walls and buildings that close the connections. It creates a compact educational complex that gives entity to the whole, and that even being austere reading, has a forceful character and recognizable to all effects, whose lack was palpable in the current state. The result is a volume that adapts generously to the existing topography and is structured in a clear way both in volume and in the location of uses. The outdoor spaces of the recreation areas and the sports courts are enhanced, giving them a use of recreation and socialization among all the students. The recreational spaces are complemented by adding green areas with plant elements, shady areas by large trees, seating areas, outdoor sports courts …


Ojén (Málaga)