3rd PRIZE competition indoor pool Estepona

About the project

FINALIST. 3rd PRIZE IN A NATIONAL COMPETITION FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF A COVERED POOL IN ESTEPONA (Málaga). Title: waterpona. The proposal presented tries to break the current concept of the entire sports complex, since the different sporting uses are totally segregated. The outer spaces of the sports courts are enhanced, giving them a use of recreation and socialization among all athletes. The recreational spaces are complemented by adding green areas with plant elements, shady spaces mediating deep draft trees, seating areas and outdoor water sheets. The building follows the form of stelae in the water, having the sinuosity and movement of the element that it contains: water. The curved and inclined roof is proposed as an identifying feature of the project, which on the one hand is characterized by its compactness and lightness. The building has a double skin: a transparent one that invites people inside the building and connects the swimmers with the environment, and another opaque with different textures, with the whole façade having more translucent areas and others less, showing the arbitrariness which shows the aquatic element.


Estepona (Málaga)