Apartment renovation | Interior design

About the project

Integral renovation and interior design of an apartment located in Guadalmina – Marbella (Málaga). The interior reform of the apartment includes the adaptation of a 1-bedroom apartment to a 2-bedroom apartment. A multifunctional space is created, which can serve the perennial users of the apartment as a study and leisure room, and as a guest room for specific users. A direct visual connection with the exterior is proposed from all points of the apartment. A direct connection is made from the kitchen to the dining room, and an open visual space, but differentiated through a “box” of glass topped with industrial type carpentry. This break generated by the box is used to create a seating area in the kitchen, designed for relaxed breakfasts, generating in the lounge the space for sofa rest. This gesture of glazed surface is repeated in the main bathroom, giving it an entrance of natural light and at the same time privacy with the treaty of glass. The apartment belongs to a young couple, so the architecture and interior decoration respond to the need for multifunctionality.


Guadalmina – Marbella (Málaga)