Museum Seville

About the project

The design of a museum presents a great difficulty in terms of spatiality and volumetry, since they have to be very suggestive buildings on the outside, but with the care that they do not lose prominence to what is truly important: the works of art that it contains. To this fact we must add the difficulty of the place: located on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, preceded by the bridge of Isabel II (Triana’s Bridge), one of the most important in the city of Seville.

The museum and the urban space flows towards the river by means of a series of descents and horizontal planes, creating certain routes resembling “the coves that the sea produces from where the rocks of the earth emerge”

The museum is organized underneath all this public urban space, its entrance being a volume of glass located in the upper level of the urban space, and through which you have to go down to the main lobby. The lobby is understood as an extension of the square, since thanks to the transparency of the piece of glass and the opening in the floor, they maintain an intimate relationship.


Seville (Seville)